Betting on hockey

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Betting on hockey – Hockey is an interesting sport game offered at the online casino site for the purpose of gambling. In the world of betting, hockey sport has become a familiar sport. The game has several types of bets. When it comes to betting on hockey sport there are several ways in the play can do it. Some of the ways that are used in betting hockey are actually more familiar to the players than others.

Some the hockey betting ways are actually a bit confusing to the players and thus the players should understand the way the sport is supposed to be gambled before deciding to visit the online casino to play for real money. The types of bets on hockey sports range between money lines bet, prop bets, total bets, future bet among others. Here are some the bets of hockey and their detailed information about how it should be done.

Money lines hockey bet

Players who decide to bet on this type of hockey bet will just be required to pick the team in the game that they think will win the game. Players are supposed to remember that in this bet the odds of the teams would vary in the game. Players pick teams that have better odds are supposed to know that the payments of such teams are not the same as that of the teams that are being favoured to win the game which normally are allocated with very low odds hence low payouts. This type of hockey bet is the most used type of bet when it comes to hockey betting. Every the game of hockey offer this type of betting option without looking at how big the favored team is in the game or how the underdog team is.

Betting on hockey

Betting on hockey

Money line hockey betting based on periods

Betting on money line in hockey can also allow the players to make their bets based on the periods. There are three periods in hockey sport and thus this would provide the players with two extra options to bet the team the players think would be the winners of the games and the third option is to pick the pick basing on the regular money line bet.

Total betting

This type of betting is related to under/over which is always offered in some of other betting sports. In this type of bet, the players will be selecting that the teams would score goals which are either more or less than the specific amount of goals provided in the game. The odds of this bet do vary depending on how the strength of one team against the opponent.

3 way lines

3 way lines betting is related to the money line in almost all aspect though the only difference is that any overtime and shootout play in the game is not included in the bet.  In this type of betting the players are supposed to bet for the win, the opponent team to win or the game to end in a draw.

Point spreading bet

Also known as goal spread betting, this type of hockey betting is widely common in hockey betting. Betting on point spreading betting in hockey, the line would be typically set at -1.5 or +1.5 for either side of the game. This means that the side the player would choose to bet on would actually have to score more than 1 goal in the game. The odds of this type of betting would actually vary depending on how the strong the team favoured to win the match is. The only good idea about this type of hockey betting option is to get the better odds on the team that is being favoured to win the game.

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